AAA: Don’t Be Fueled: Premium Not Always Worth the Price

BURNSVILLE, MN., (December 12, 2017) — Do you buy premium gasoline when you don't need to? Some motorists think they are doing their car a favor. AAA released new research that shows paying-up for premium may not be worth the extra money, unless your vehicle absolutely requires it.

While some vehicles are designed to run on premium octane gasoline, others simply recommend it. So AAA set out to determine the effects of using premium gasoline in vehicles that recommend it, and whether the benefits in fuel economy and horsepower are worth the higher price at the pump.

Putting Premium Fuel to the Test

Key Findings

Premium Gas - Recommended vs. Required

"By offering a choice, automakers can market modest gains in fuel economy and performance, and car buyers are less likely to hesitate about buying the vehicle, because their operating costs will be lower," Weinholzer continued. "Unfortunately, by only recommending premium fuel, the engine cannot be calibrated to take full advantage of the higher octane, because it also needs to perform adequately with lower octane (regular) fuel. Therefore, the fuel economy and performance gains are only minor."

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